Bob Marley

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Print Size: 11x17"

Paper Stock: Wassau White 110 lb. Cover

Print Type: Digital Print

*This is a standard frame size

This print is an original design by Gene Rogovitz. Our favorite songs often flow audibly through our apartments, houses and offices, but now you have the chance to decorate your walls with this typographic design.

Bob Marley had to be one of the most diverse singer/songwriter/performers out there. Now you might be saying, "what?" but if you think about how his music transcends different genres and moods it's amazing. There are very few artists that can (in one album) address topics of love, politics, human rights in the poetic and seamless way that he does. Seriously, think about it next time your jamming out to Mr. Robert Marley. You might even be partying and dancing and then realize that he made a song that is a party anthem while addressing a severe political topic and pulls it off with ease.

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