The Salt & Sea is a vision by Gene Rogovitz, meant to capture the essence of the ocean and its many counterparts. Inspired by a variety of salt-aged goodness that lives and thrives amongst the sea. With over 25 years spent surfing both locally on Long Island, New York and many locations worldwide, he draws from this major influence in his life. 

Gene Rogovitz & son Gavin

Gene Rogovitz & son Gavin

While the pen and ink drawings are the center-point of his company, he offers an array of different designs that vary on the spectrum. His prints include themes such as: nautical, beach culture, surfing, music, sports, info-graphics, location-based, and typographical. He also offers a line of cloth and thread including t-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks and hats. The clothing includes two lines, the first titled "Dawn Patrol," which he started as a surf centric line back in 1999, and the second (the newer of the two lines) titled appropriately "The Salt & Sea."

The printing processes used for the Salt & Sea prints include screen printing, offset lithography, giclee and digital. His paper stock choices capture a more classic, vintage feel and are always of archival quality.

Let's see what the tide brought in...


A few years back I decided to just make art that I enjoyed the process of making. When you do freelance design you are usually at the mercy of the client and it becomes a struggle. The Salt & Sea reflects my creative freedom and ability to make art as abstract or straight forward as I would like. All of my prints are standard frame sizes, so feel free to buy your own frame without paying the custom framing prices. We also offer framing on our site for 11x17" prints.


The Salt & Sea- A limited edition run of premium t-shirts showcasing my pen and ink stylings. I'm working on a limited edition sweatshirt design right now so stay tuned.

Dawn Patrol- A surf centric line that I started back in 1999 while I was taking a screen printing class at FIT. The orders came flooding in after that and the line grew traction. This line was inspired by classic Swiss Design and heavy in typography.